Danny Beaton


Can the traditional beliefs and practices, the spirituality of the Native North American Peoples, play a useful, even a critical role, in healing today's world of sociopathic materialism? Can they help us to overcome the personal and environmental chaos that seems to be looming?
This is a film about the Sacredness of Life, the duty for Human Beings to respect and give thanks to all of Creation, to honour the life giving forces, the air, the water, fire and Mother Earth.

Highlights the teachings of Robertjohn, the Elder who describes the First Thanksgiving as the time the new people came to this land and were given material nourishment by the First Peoples. The Second Thanksgiving, the present, is the time when the First Peoples are giving the newcomers spiritual nourishment.

Elder Robertjohn Knapp, Seneca/Tubotolobal, born in Ontario, Canada, raised in California, taught by the Bear Dancers brings the message of healing by working with the Spirit World. Robertjohn has worked in the prison system for 25 years along the California coast.

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